Bellwether League, Inc.Paul V. Farrell, C.P.M. (1915-1997)

Paul V. Farrell, C.P.M.
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Paul V. Farrell, C.P.M., dedicated nearly five decades of storied editorial and management service to purchasing activities, including writing, editing, teaching, consulting and participating in various professional development programs, to promote purchasing excellence and performance.

The National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM), now known as the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) considered Farrell one of the foremost purchasing experts in the nation during the late 1940s-1990s. NAPM awarded Farrell its highest honor, the J. Shipman Award, in 1982. NAPM/ISM still considers Farrell "one of the luminaries of the profession."

Farrell co-authored one of the first textbooks dedicated to purchasing management, "Purchasing: Principles and Applications," that has generated several updated editions and has been used prominently at such educational institutions as Harvard University and Northeastern University, where Dean Ammer, Ph.D., worked. Farrell served as the respected editor of Purchasing magazine, the influential industry journal at the time, PurchasingWorld magazine, and other publications for NAPM.

Farrell saw the need to educate hospital purchasing personnel so he left Purchasing in 170 to launch and publish Health Institution Purchasing magazine, which relied solely on subscriptions – not ads, to operate.

Farrell's early work predated that of Dean Ammer and William McKnight, Bellwether Classes of 2008 and 2009, respectively, but all three were contemporaries.

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